#1reasonwhy I Have a Problem with Deponia (and other stuff)

I realized today that I can’t expect to be taken seriously as a writer on video games and stay silent on the #number1reason hashtag that took over twitter this week (Rose, Mike. “Twitter hashtag ‘#1reasonwhy’ exposes sexism in game industry.” Gamasutra. Nov 27 2012.). In short, I support it. I call myself a feminist and … Continue reading #1reasonwhy I Have a Problem with Deponia (and other stuff)

Review: Deponia

[Originally posted on PopMatters] I want to like Deponia. I wanted to like it from the first frame of the cute tongue-in-cheek tutorial. The worst part about not liking it, though, is that there isn’t anything really wrong with it specifically that I can’t pin on the entire point-and-click adventure genre. For those that skip … Continue reading Review: Deponia