Scrapping the Underdog Narrative

There were just a few more thoughts I had on Agarest: Generations of War that are a little too disorganized to pitch anywhere so I’ll just spill them here and see what happens. First, as I’ve written already, it reminds me of a number of great games (“An Impolite Conversation: The relationship between sex and … Continue reading Scrapping the Underdog Narrative

And I Feel Fine

Dennis Scimeca wrote an article for Unwinnable‘s fear theme week that I enjoyed reading and I encourage others to read it as well.1 Scimeca’s thesis is that, for all the horror and apocalypse fiction floating around (and there’s a lot), there’s an almost wistful longing for the end of all things because the world as … Continue reading And I Feel Fine

The Case for Characters

The video games I love most, I love for their stories. I studied Literature in university and I have worked at two different movie theaters. I’ve been an arts and entertainment journalist/critic for five years now and counting. I’ve previewed and reviewed novels, short story collections, poetry, albums, films, concerts, ballets, graphic novels, plays, concerts, … Continue reading The Case for Characters

Video Games and the Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction

[Originally posted on PopMatters] On May 20 of 2010, Pablo Picasso’s painting, Le Pigeon aux Petits Pois (The Pigeon with the Peas)—along with a handful of other paintings—was stolen from the Paris Museum of Modern art. The work of art, now destroyed, no longer exists. For visual art and even literature, there is usually a … Continue reading Video Games and the Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction

“The Shadow to the Substance”: Romanticism in Dragon Age

[Originally posted in PopMatters] According to the romantics, imagination is the means of crossing into the spiritual and returning with a message of Truth.  The poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley writes that: “Reason is to Imagination as the instrument to the agent . . . the shadow to the substance.” For the romantics, poetry (defined usually … Continue reading “The Shadow to the Substance”: Romanticism in Dragon Age