Women are not Objectives

Most recently I’ve written on PopMatters about a very, very, very, very troubling game called Expeditions Conquistador (PopMatters. Feb 18 2013) (it’s wonderfully designed, but more about why it’s so troubling is somewhere in the pipeline, I have a feeling I’ll be writing about that game for a while) and a more general article about … Continue reading Women are not Objectives

Searching for the Other Castle: Women As Objectives

[Originally posted on PopMatters] In light of the fast approach of the release of Anita Sarkesian’s “Tropes vs. Women in Video Games,” series, concern about sexism in video games is a sleepless dog ready to get back to barking soon. In recent years, there has been an increasing outcry against the sexual harassment that inundates the … Continue reading Searching for the Other Castle: Women As Objectives

The Inelegance of the Videogame Satire

[Originally posted on PopMatters] Theoretically, there’s nothing holding back games from being an excellent vehicle for satire. Because they require the player to simulate a behavior—rather than just view that behaviour performed by someone else—games should be in a great position to illustrate how ridiculous or destructive certain behaviours are. I say in theory because there … Continue reading The Inelegance of the Videogame Satire

#1reasonwhy I Have a Problem with Deponia (and other stuff)

I realized today that I can’t expect to be taken seriously as a writer on video games and stay silent on the #number1reason hashtag that took over twitter this week (Rose, Mike. “Twitter hashtag ‘#1reasonwhy’ exposes sexism in game industry.” Gamasutra. Nov 27 2012.). In short, I support it. I call myself a feminist and … Continue reading #1reasonwhy I Have a Problem with Deponia (and other stuff)

Sexism and Tekken

Well, I’ve unleashed the dragon. I brought up the whole sexism thing again (“One Dimension: Women’s Bodies in Tekken.” PopMatters. Sept 25 2012). Sexism is the most heated discussion around games right now and probably among the most heated in many areas of the growing amorphous blob known as “geek culture” (Newitz, Annalee. “The Great … Continue reading Sexism and Tekken