Sexism and Tekken

3 thoughts on “Sexism and Tekken

  1. Thank you for writing this, I am always saddened to watch characters from my childhood get more and more sexualized as if women can’t exist and be appreciated without being skinny, teasing and stripping her clothes off. My first mission with the new games is always to customize the female characters to add some variation and I’m sad it has to be this way. I loved how you described them as performing in a peep show, that is exactly how it feels.
    I can’t even describe how happy I was when Leo was added to the roster, there was finally a (non-male) character I could identify with after I lost Julia, Nina and Kunimitsu to the male gaze.

  2. I wanted to add something else. In the original article, when I responded to a commenter I described the female characters from east Asia as “oriental.” I wasn’t aware that that word is as offensive to an American audience as it is. It was a careless mistake and a lesson I would have preferred not to have learned on a public forum, but one learned nonetheless.

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