Plural Protagonism Part 7: Super Mario RPG

5 thoughts on “Plural Protagonism Part 7: Super Mario RPG

  1. Mario RPG remains one of my favorite games today. I haven’t played the Mario and Luigi series. I like the first two installments of the Paper Mario series – they are fun and ridiculous. Despite being able to play as Bowser for much of the game, the third Paper Mario for Wii lacked the sense of whimsy that makes all of these games a good ride.

    1. The Mario and Luigi series are a real gas, Seven Stars is special but the games that have come out of it since have been some of the most creative and interesting work to come out of Nintendo for years. I’ve heard even they’ve gone down hill in the last few attempts but I guess all good things end. I still maintain that Bowser’s Inside Story justifies my owning a DS.

      1. My brother played Bowser’s Inside Story while we were on a long road trip, and about every ten minutes there were giggles.

  2. Plural protagonism in games is something that is on my mind right now, as I have just completed the Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies for the 3DS. One of the things that impressed me about the game is its ability to balance its narrative (basically the draw for the series) between three separate main characters, allowing each to showcase their strengths and weaknesses. Very well done.

    1. I’ve never actually played the Ace Attorney games but I’m glad that you bring them up. It’s interesting to see how games can use multiple, simultaneous perspective as a way of discussing community. I think JRPGs do this really well but I definitely think other genres and styles of games take advantage of it as well, I’m just less familiar with them.

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