My Last Princess: Women as Objects in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

2 thoughts on “My Last Princess: Women as Objects in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

  1. You make a lot of good points. Really, you do. There’s one thing that confused me. The idea that Yuga’s actions have anything to do with the series’ (or specific game’s) sexism. I mean, he’s supposed to be evil. Any time I see that, I can’t hold his actions against the creator’s intentions because they are written in to be evil, wrong, disturbed. Same with Ganon, Vaati or Demise for obvious reasons. And as far as Hilda’s role in the bad guy agenda, her losing out to Yuga made her more sympathetic, which matters for the ending. She had to be separated from him in the player’s mind to justify sparing her and in fact (SPOILER ALERT) giving her a whole Triforce as opposed to defeating Yuga. And Yuga did have to be the final enemy because he is Ganon’s Lorule counterpart, and in fact absorbed Ganon as you mentioned. Ganon (and co.) has always been depicted as the ultimate evil. He carries the Triforce of Power. His whole schtick is that he is dominate over everything, the biggest, greatest, most powerful. Link wins anyway because he has the Courage (Triforce) to stand up to something bigger than himself. Of course there’s still the issue of all the focus being on the men and women being depicted as objects for possession. That made sense. I’m just confused how Yuga/Ganon has anything to do with that, as he is depicted as being the epitome of wrong-doing (sexism counting as wrong-doing).

    I know this post is 2 years old. I just found it and I’m curious. I have no desire to tell you that your point is wrong. I was just hoping you could clarify that part.

  2. Well, that certainly taints Link Between Worlds in retrospect. It’s interesting how much they shackle themselves to Link to the Past – there certainly is precedent for Zelda shooting the light arrows / being an archer in Twilight Princess, so they could’ve had a segment with you distracting painting Ganon and her doing the actual legwork. Or even with just her as a painting doing the same moves as Link had been doing.

    Instead, they kept to largely the same attack patterns for the first part of the fight as Link to the Past (I’d have to verify but I’m pretty sure on that one) and ended it with Link hitting Ganon with arrows, same as LttP.

    On a side note, they really should have Ravio and Hilda costumes in the new Smash Brothers.

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