Friends that Play Together

[This piece was written as a part of Critical Distance‘s February 2015 Blogs of the Round Table feature] One way of looking at storytelling as a historical practise is as a simulated socialization. Anthropologically, storytelling is a way to facilitate prosocial behaviour and ideation. The point being that stories are imagined social extremes where the … Continue reading Friends that Play Together

Exploration and the Secrets of Raetikon

[Originally posted on PopMatters] Secrets of Raetikon is part platformer, part flight simulator, part Metroid-vania, part creation myth. It’s a lot of things without ever settling on what it wants to be most. Really that’s its strongest quality. It just sort of gracefully floats along boundaries. Secrets of Raetikon points to the value of exploration as an … Continue reading Exploration and the Secrets of Raetikon