Some Notes on Games Journalism

I haven’t disappeared. Really. In fact, I just wrote a piece on Dragon Age for PopMatters (“The New Age: Reflections on the Dragon Age series.” Oct 30 2012). In the article I take a brief retrospective of the first two games in the series. Details of Dragon Age: Inquisition are still pretty sparse so there isn’t … Continue reading Some Notes on Games Journalism

Reflections on Dragon Age

[Originally posted on PopMatters] Last month, Bioware officially announced that they will be releasing Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. The mix of life-like feudal politics with high fantasy tropes seems to have created the series that keeps on giving, which Bioware no doubt intends to keep up with. Dragon Age is one of the better narrative experiences in … Continue reading Reflections on Dragon Age

Existing Above the Law in Video Games

[Originally posted on PopMatters] The word “law” applies to two distinct abstracts: universal truths (unbreakable, mathematically provable consistencies) and socially upheld codes (legislated instructions that dictate how a person may and may not act). The same word signifies both the parameters of what is possible and the parameters of what is acceptable. In a video … Continue reading Existing Above the Law in Video Games

The Bioware Method

[Originally posted on Joystick Division] With Mass Effect 3 just a few months away and Dragon Age 3 officially announced, not is as good a time as any to talk about Bioware. The company has long been lauded as one of the few developers that have put an emphasis on storytelling. Even their games that … Continue reading The Bioware Method

“The Shadow to the Substance”: Romanticism in Dragon Age

[Originally posted in PopMatters] According to the romantics, imagination is the means of crossing into the spiritual and returning with a message of Truth.  The poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley writes that: “Reason is to Imagination as the instrument to the agent . . . the shadow to the substance.” For the romantics, poetry (defined usually … Continue reading “The Shadow to the Substance”: Romanticism in Dragon Age