Where Tryst Fails at Being StarCraft

I haven’t been very diligent about this blog lately, have I? So I’ll give an update: I reviewed Tryst (Review of Tryst. PopMatters. Oct 5 2012) and then I wrote about it (“The Value of the Soldier.” PopMatters. Oct 9 2012). To summarize: Tryst is okay but it loses itself in its goals. Essentially, it … Continue reading Where Tryst Fails at Being StarCraft

Review: Tryst

[Originally posted on PopMatters] Tryst is the second release from developer BlueGiant Interactive, a small-ish company based out of India. Tryst is an RTS that focuses more on smaller, more intimate, “micro-intensive” battles than it does on longer, drawn out matches with complicated economies akin to the Age of Empires series. Although the lack of … Continue reading Review: Tryst