Where Tryst Fails at Being StarCraft

2 thoughts on “Where Tryst Fails at Being StarCraft

  1. Hi,
    My name is Vivek Ramkumar, I’m a designer at BlueGiant Interactive, A bunch of us here have followed all your articles about Tryst and we’d like to thank you for taking the time to write about our game. You’ve probably taken the most in depth look at our game and where it succeeds and fails at what it tries to achieve.

    We thought that we’d offer to talk to you about Tryst, what we did and why (both now and during production). We’re also getting ready to launch a new game mode-Survival and two new maps, While Tryst wasn’t as polished as we’d have liked it to have been and had its fair share of issues, we think that at its core, Tryst is a fun Multiplayer experience. We’ve spent the last few months trying to make that experience better.

    If you’d like to get in touch with me you can contact me at xxxxxx@bluegiantinteractive.com,

    Thanks again and we hope to hear from you

    Vivek R

    P.S. We weren’t able to find a way to contact you. If this post/comment is intruding on your privacy, we’d like to apologize for that and we can delete it if you’d like.

  2. Why does everyone think that Tryst is trying to be StarCraft 2? It plays nothing like StarCraft 2, in fact it plays closer to Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War I… I don’t want to insult you man, because I think that would be too harsh… but perhaps you need to broaden your horizons of the RTS genre, because I’ve played many RTS games over the years all the way from the worst to the very best, from the unknown to the famous, and again, this game in no ways try to be StarCraft 2, if light base building, training units, capturing points on the map, and choice of upgrades that make a meaningful impact sounds anything like SC2, then I really want to find this mythical gosu version of SC2 that eliminates half of it’s gameplay and tries to emulate Dawn of War…

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