Plural Protagonism Part 5: Persona 3

4 thoughts on “Plural Protagonism Part 5: Persona 3

  1. I know this is kind of an old post, but I just wanted to drop past and say that wow, I really enjoyed this. Persona 3 (Portable, actually) is a good candidate for being my favourite game ever, and it was really exciting for me to see it completely reframed like this. I’ve only ever played Portable, which let me adopt my own battle tactics, so the idea that not allowing you to take direct control was a very deliberate design choice hadn’t even occurred to me. But now that it’s been raised, I can’t stop thinking about what a clever yet subtle move that was by the designers. On my next run, I’m definitely going to try the combat classic-style; you’ve convinced me that there’s something there I have to experience.

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