Sturgeon’s Law, Taste and RPG Maker

One thought on “Sturgeon’s Law, Taste and RPG Maker”

  1. I do want to point out that Cherry PrIncEss was about a dumb in-joke between Liberty and Caz, and not at all about gender politics. The joke was focussed around Liberty’s love of anime and how she would ‘desensitise’ new people with nsfw genderbent images of Blackbeard (from One Piece) on a personal chat channel. Caz made the game as a joke about how much Liberty liked GB art.

    It is interesting that others would consider this silly little game to be about gender politics and I guess it just goes to show that sometimes what you create doesn’t send the message that you think it would. Most people on the forums where it was released knew it was a silly joke between the two, but those who visited the site from elsewhere probably wouldn’t and seem to have added their own spin on the game – which is awesome in it’s own way. X3

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