It’s a Man’s World: The Implications of Makeup in Mass Effect

4 thoughts on “It’s a Man’s World: The Implications of Makeup in Mass Effect

  1. I think it’s overstretching it. Some things are done for simplicity and absence of acknowledge doesn’t mean that it acknowledges the opposite. For instance, I’m a man with long hair, yet when building the Sheppard character, the type of hairstyle for both sexes is an option that stays with you through all the game set in stone when I know this is not realistic.

    Does this means that the fail for the devs to acknowledge different long hairstyles means they’re diminishing a part of what makes us long-haired persons? Certainly not.

    We can do the exercise of changing every appearance of the concept for “makeup” with “hairstyle” and see if the same statements holds.

    “When a game like Mass Effect ignores the implications of different hairstyle, the game developers are de-valuing the experience of having different hairstyles; they are stating that the choice to have different hairstyle does not matter. Therefore, they are de-valuing one (albeit small) part of being a long-haired male/female, while reinforcing the belief that video games are (or should be) made with the short-haired player in mind.”

    Certainly a cinematic experience can be enhanced with a different use of facial elements as the situations changes, what one can call broadly the “makeup”, but that would include everything, from lipstick to 3-days-beard going through the bags under eyes and run down mascaras, but then the devs can only be scolded for the lack of a story-enhancing element and not for the de-valuing of half the humanity based on cherry-picked element that the devs didn’t elaborated.

    1. Claiming that hairstyle (for men no less) and make-up are comparable demonstrates only your unfamiliarity with women’s experience of them.

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