Bloodborne and Back Pain

2 thoughts on “Bloodborne and Back Pain”

  1. Fantastic article. The DLC further confirms your claim about the corruption of nature by the upper class elites of Yharnam. I never thought about the physicality with swinging the weapons. Very interesting

  2. Interesting analysis on the physicality of the characters in Bloodborne. I’ll say that the movements and combat in it have a higher degree of smoothness and that combat is more frenetic than in Dark Souls 1 and 2. Activity in Bloodborne, however, does seem a strain to many of the characters, which, along with being covered in blood, might be that games visual depiction of the stress and degradation brought on by the activity of being a hunter. Dark Souls 1 and 2 have their hollowing mechanic, showing the player the results of existing in that setting as well as a reminder of the death(s) they incurred (Demon’s Soul phantom form is more mechanically intrusive than visually).
    Thanks for this unique take on the game.

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