Meta-Game Fan Fiction

This week, Mike Joffe at Video Games of the Oppressed has been proposing a number of games to play within other games. A number of his games have been based in retro console RPGs like Pokemon and Earthbound. The proposed games make for interesting opportunities to personalize experiences that are generally pretty consistent from player … Continue reading Meta-Game Fan Fiction

Final Fantasy Tactics and the Author of History

The fictional country of Ivalice has been the setting for a number of lauded Square games. It makes for an appealing setting  due to the elaborate and lifelike political drama that deepens in each appearance. In the tumultuous land’s many iterations, there is always a contest for power between military organizations, royal families, economic classes … Continue reading Final Fantasy Tactics and the Author of History

The Case for Characters

The video games I love most, I love for their stories. I studied Literature in university and I have worked at two different movie theaters. I’ve been an arts and entertainment journalist/critic for five years now and counting. I’ve previewed and reviewed novels, short story collections, poetry, albums, films, concerts, ballets, graphic novels, plays, concerts, … Continue reading The Case for Characters