…When All You Have is a Hammer

3 thoughts on “…When All You Have is a Hammer”

  1. I’ve been playing Fire Emblem: Awakening recently and I’ve been wondering if there would be a way to keep the fun tactical number-crunchy elements but not in a way that kills people. But I don’t think there’s an easy way to do it. Maybe instead of fighting others, the same animations could be used to show them teaching others how to fight and gain self-confidence? I also think there might be some interesting strategy in making numbers go up instead of down. It would also be possible to keep the same mechanics, but frame it as something completely different, like killing souls in hell so they can leave. I’d be curious if you ever find a game that handles violence better on a gameplay level.

    1. I wrote about Binary Domain on this blog, it deals with violence in a way that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in another shooter. My thing with Fire Emblem is that there are greater rewards for killing enemies than not. If blocking enemies from fielding yielded an exp & relationship reward, or if wounding/scaring enemies off the field still netted enough number rewards that would do a lot to mirror the anti-war theme of the rest of the game. I’m just spit-balling but I feel like there’s a lot the game could have done to wash away that nasty “kill-or-be-killed” mechanic that haunts way too many videogames.

  2. I think Hotline Miami treats your violent nature as a flaw. However it is sort of like the “24” treatment. By the end, you’re a broken man, have lost anyone/thing that mattered to you, but you killed them all and are still standing.
    However it would be a more satisfying game if that could matter somehow to how the game plays. But how would you work that into a freakily fast slash n bash? Idk, an evasion process so you could avoid conflict?
    Anyway, great posts. A pleasure to read.

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